Best Mechanical CAD Training Course in Rishikesh


Course Duration:

6 Months

Minimum Eligibility:

High School

EMI Available


Mechanical engineers are confronted with challenges of creating & developing increasingly complicated items every day as technology advances and customers lean toward aesthetics while yet seeking the finest functionality in products. As a result, mechanical engineers must not only choose the most sophisticated CAD software, but also learn how to utilize it effectively to create even the most complicated designs.

Mechanical CAD Course in Rishikesh

Mechanical CAD (MCAD) is a type of software that allows mechanical engineers to generate product designs with precise and comprehensive technical drawings (2D or 3D models) and engineering and production standards. For physical or mechanical constructions, MCAD output will transmit information such as materials, procedures, dimensions, and tolerances. Many sectors, particularly technologically inclined or consumer electronics, automotive, and medical equipment, employ MCAD software.

Producing 2D illustrations/drawings, creating dimensions, generating and altering single or multiline text, and building leads with a range of material are all examples of 2D drafting, drawing, and annotating.

3D modelling and visualisation entails building realistic solid, surface, and mesh 3D models, as well as walking, swivelling, flying, and orbiting around them utilising 3D view and navigation tools.

Import and exporting or attaching files as underlays in various forms of output such as PDF, DWG, or DGN files are all examples of collaboration.

More reasons to choose Dezka’s Mechanical CAD?

  • It improves spatial awareness, reasoning and creative problem-solving abilities.
  • CAD allows you to study while having fun. It also allows you to pursue your passion projects.
  • New job prospects arise as a result of CAD.
  • It enhances interpersonal abilities.

Dezka’s Mechanical CAD offerings include Catia (Versions V5 & V6), SolidWorks, Siemens NX CAD, Creo, Solid Edge, to name a few.
Dezka offers a 360⁰ learning programme with Professional Trainers that carry relevant experience in the 3D industry that provide one-on-one special training and guidance throughout the entire training course. In addition to quality training, Dezka delivers training in terms of interview preparation and placement assistance.

Dezka Institute of Design and Information Technology is the top Mechanical CAD Training Institute in Rishikesh and the nearby areas such as Narendra Nagar, Birbhaddar, Raiwala and Virbhadra that offers applicants well-defined training modules and sessions. Dezka offers courses throughout the day, on weekends, as well as night-time batch training and Fast Track training.

Why DEZKA is Perfect for Mechanical CAD Training in Rishikesh?

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