Best Interior Designing Course in Rishikesh


Course Duration:

10 Months

Minimum Eligibility:

High School

EMI Available


Interior Designing is one of the most popular career choices. Interior Designers plan the entire layout of a house, shop, office or any other establishment. The interior designer collaborates with architects to ensure that the available space is used optimally and aesthetically. These professionals work with business owners or homeowners to structure and design a space that has optimal utility and is appealing. The process includes planning the layout, finalizing the blueprints, deciding the color schemes and theme for the space and decorating the space with proper furnishing.

Interior Designing Course in Rishikesh

Interior Designers can opt to start their own practice or get potential opportunities with Architectural Firms, Design Companies that include Furniture design, Kitchen Modeling, and Construction Firm, to name a few.

Dezka Institute of Design and Information Technology is one of the most prestigious Interior Design Schools that provide extensive training in Principles of Interior Design, Colors & Visualization, Décor & Planning, Furniture Design, and Architect Illustration.

With Dezka’s Interior Design Course, you can transform your passion for design into a remunerative career. We guarantee that the trainers are taught in a coordinated and methodical manner, which is typically preceded by study and analysis, as one of India’s leading fashion and interior design institutions. At Dezka Institute, we provide some of the top interior design courses in Rishikesh that will help you advance in your profession. You’ll learn all you need to know about working in the disciplines of interior design, house staging, and décor.

We provide the best interior design courses that integrate studio classes with design theory, presentation skills, and resources to help students establish themselves in the ever-growing industry of interior design.

Dezka offers a 360⁰ learning programme with Professional Trainers that carry relevant experience in the Interior Design industry that provide one-on-one special training and guidance throughout the entire training course. In addition to quality training, Dezka delivers training in terms of interview preparation and placement assistance.
Dezka Institute of Design and Information Technology is one of the best in Rishikesh and the nearby areas such as Narendra Nagar, Birbhaddar, Raiwala and Virbhadra that offers applicants well-defined training modules and sessions. Dezka offers courses throughout the day, on weekends, as well as night-time batch training and Fast Track training.

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