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Best English Speaking Course in Rishikesh


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3 Months

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In today’s day and age, good spoken English is one of the most essential qualities for any professional. A good hold over the language does not only help the speaker to convey his/her ideas in an efficient manner, but also helps the listener to understand thoroughly and leaves a good impression. Dezka Institute of Design and Information Technology offers a complete course on Spoken English that will enable you to have a strong hold over the language and gain confidence.

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Learn Spoken English in Rishikesh

It is extremely frustrating to get stuck while speaking or not knowing the proper pronunciations of words. People tend to not speak and keep their ideas with themselves in the fear of making a mistake while speaking. Dezka’s Spoken English course will equip you to be understood for the first time and help you make a good first & lasting impression.

While speaking professionally it is essential to use the appropriate sound, tone and rhythm. These habits are formed after proper lessons and continuous practice.

After developing excellent speaking skills, one leans less and less towards people’s opinion. It is essential to overcome the fear of delivering ideas and opinions in situations of great importance. You will learn to gain confidence to speak up in private as well as public situations and would feel confident to join any conversation.

People who speak proper English can use this course to challenge and improve their language and prepare themselves for interviews, public speaking events, networking or any event that contains a large audience. They can learn to deliver precise, powerful and impactful speeches effortlessly.

Dezka’s Spoken English course is designed to enhance your verbal and non-verbal skills that include body-language as well.

Dezka offers a 360⁰ learning programme with Professional Trainers that carry relevant experience in the industry that provide one-on-one special training and guidance throughout the entire training course. In addition to quality training, Dezka delivers training in terms of interview preparation and placement assistance.

Dezka Institute of Design and Information Technology is one of the most preferred institutes in Rishikesh and the nearby areas such as Narendra Nagar, Birbhaddar, Raiwala and Virbhadra that offers applicants well-defined training modules and sessions. Dezka offers courses throughout the day, on weekends, as well as night-time batch training and Fast Track training.

Dezka's Experienced Professionals Can Help You Perfect Your English-Speaking Skills.

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