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45 Days

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High School

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For the Civil Industry AutoCAD is used to generate Plan, Section, Elevation, Dimensions, in 2D Then converting them into 3D for Creating Walls, Floor, Window Openings, Stair Case, Layout, Sites Plan, Roads, Highways, Bridges,Survey Drawings,House Plans,Structure, and so on. AutoCAD Software is widely utilized in the civil engineering field due to its ability to create Technical drawings much easier then hand drawings. CAD makes this faster and easier process to create. There are constant upgrades to CAD being made to enhance the system and help Civil Engineers and Draughtsmen. (Polytechnic,, ITI.)

autocad training institute in rishikesh
AutoCAD course in rishikesh

For the Mechanical Industry AutoCAD is used for Manufacturing and Drafting, AutoCAD is a software which is used for manufacturing and prototyping products in 2D drawing for accelerating the Mechanical CAD process in CAD environment.

AutoCAD generates the best of 2D Design in the alignment of Industry-Specific components, Assemblies and Parts, making it a must learn for those who are involved in design and construction of the Machines and their components. Developing, changing, and designing advanced infrastructure, transferring scalable and possible constructing assignments that helps for Mechanical Engineers and Draughtsmen. (Polytechnic,, ITI).

For the Electrical Industry AutoCAD is used to create and modify both diagrams and layouts,by the help of 2D Drawings, in order to design, evaluate and document electrical Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). In the development process, AutoCAD used to: Explore different emphasis of a PCB.Users build out different alternatives, comparing them to each other. produce manufacturing documentation, which is released to manufacturing as part of the specification used to fount, fabricate and produce PCBs which is most important for Electrical & Electronics Engineers and Draughtsmen. (Polytechnic,, ITI).

Dezka is the best AutoCAD Training Institute in Rishikesh with well-defined training  modules and training sessions for candidates. AutoCAD Training is conducted during day time Training weekend Training, and evening batch Training and Fast Track Training  in the Rishikesh area.

AutoCAD is globally used by surveyors, designers, engineers, and drafters.  Globally, AutoCAD has proven as an efficient and user-friendly program. Dezka Rishikesh prepares many aspirants for AutoCAD at reasonable prices that are customized, keeping in mind AutoCAD training and course content important for each Trainee.

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